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Cesar Millan Bashers

I’ve always said that I don’t believe everything he preaches. In fact, maybe just 30-40%. But I am still a fan. Let’s face it: Cesar Millan paved the way for dogs to be as popular as they are today so … Continue reading

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Dogs Are Not Disposable

At the in-home dog behavior consultation this morning, the client asked my mentor which of his two dogs he should give away (they have four dogs but only two are fighting). My mentor made something clear: we were there to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in the Philippines

Celebrating Thanksgiving here, I feel, is ridiculous enough. Celebrating it with Turkey, in my opinion, is downright pretentious. I know people will say “It’s just a good excuse to eat Turkey.” That excuse is not good enough for me. Unlike Americans/Canadians [who … Continue reading

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Mini Kabuhayan Showcase, Hygiene Edition

While organizing my medicine cabinet early this year, I was quite alarmed when I realized just how many of those free hotel soaps I had collected through the years. So many, in fact, that I promised myself I would not … Continue reading

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New Year Aventure with Bestfriend C #10: Baler

Cynthia had relatives over from the States till the 31st which meant this would be one of those New Year vacations that start late (departing on the 31st instead of the usual 28th or 29th) and would be cut short … Continue reading

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Evidence of Intoxication, Color and Curls

Last night, I parteyed like I have not parteyed in a very long time. It was Gang and J’s wedding. The whole gang (no pun intended) was there: the Plurkada, Raims (to whom I’m guilty of giving too much champagne and wine, … Continue reading

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On Down Payments and Contracts

A “down payment” is an initial payment made when something is bought on credit or when a transaction is not paid for in full [right away]. This is to protect the “seller” from fraud, opportunists, or simply fickle-minded people. In … Continue reading

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Jorge the Stud

I am offering this gorgeous Beagle for Stud Service. Two reasons: 1) I could use the extra income; and 2) He could use the “release” (seriously!). “Always On Top Touchstone” was born on January 28, 2008.  I named him Uno (because he … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas

That is probably old packaging, but you get the picture. Why? Because my derma said so. p.s. (I don’t mean to be demanding but…) anything but the exfoliating variant, please. That would kinda defeat the whole purpose (which is, to … Continue reading

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