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Here I am in Via Mare, outside, at the very same spot we sat that day we both got our new watches. It seems like it was just yesterday yet it seems like a lifetime ago. I am not the … Continue reading

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New Year Aventure with Bestfriend C #10: Baler

Cynthia had relatives over from the States till the 31st which meant this would be one of those New Year vacations that start late (departing on the 31st instead of the usual 28th or 29th) and would be cut short … Continue reading

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Resolutions 2012

Disclaimer: These officially start when I get back from New Year Adventure #10 Go back on the Diet; See my Doctor. Take better care of PeeWee and Jorge. Be less irritable about the little things. Again, this starts after I get … Continue reading

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On 2011

Learning about my “condition” in late 2009 inevitably made 2010 all about me (for once) and my health. By October 2009 I had let go of all my Artists (officially making it my 3rd retirement from the music industry); By … Continue reading

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Adjustment Time

So far I haven’t had the urge to cross the street on the pedestrian lane, unlike last year. Perhaps that’s ’cause last year, I went to LA, Chicago, New York, then back to LA whereas this year, my trip to … Continue reading

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Home is Where They Are

Since I had A LOT to carry between the elevator and my condo unit, Jorge already heard/smelled me even before I could get in. I heard him crying all the way from the elevator. As soon as he caught sight … Continue reading

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Travel Woes

Travel, at least for me, wouldn’t be complete without mishaps, it seems… On the limo on route to JFK, I realized I’d left my coat and jacket at Anna’s so I had to ask the chauffer to turn back. Embarassing! … Continue reading

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A review: Philippe’s Salon

I’ve been hearing about the new Brazilian curl-busting craze called Keratin for a few months now. I jumped at the chance to get it at only P2,999 (it usually goes for about 6-8K) through Metro Deal. When I realized that … Continue reading

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A Review: Zen Institute Medical Spa

Since the offer at Ensogo gave the option of a Facial or a Diamond Peel for only P 300, I availed of two vouchers to be able to try both. I booked the Diamond Peel at the Quezon City branch … Continue reading

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Wifi Portable Hotspot

I finally figured out how to use my Smartphone + unlimited data subscription to connect other computers to the internet (a.k.a. Tethering). I now have my own little hotspot thanks to an app on my HTC Desire Z called Wifi (Portable) Hotspot. … Continue reading

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