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Corneal Ulcer

Ever since Jal sent me the first few photos he took of Jorge (then called Cholo) at the Taguibao residence in Pacita, I already noticed that his right eye always had muta (discharge). He was only about three months old then. The … Continue reading

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New Year Aventure with Bestfriend C #10: Baler

Cynthia had relatives over from the States till the 31st which meant this would be one of those New Year vacations that start late (departing on the 31st instead of the usual 28th or 29th) and would be cut short … Continue reading

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Remembering Apartment 201

11 years ago, I moved out of Delgado -the house where I was born. I’d been planning that for months (I already checked out the apartment I wanted to move into). Luckily or unfortunately (it really depends on how you look … Continue reading

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Home is Where They Are

Since I had A LOT to carry between the elevator and my condo unit, Jorge already heard/smelled me even before I could get in. I heard him crying all the way from the elevator. As soon as he caught sight … Continue reading

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Till There Were Two

I somehow miss those days when I could go off, leave PeeWee home alone, and not have to worry at all. The trick was to shove about 1/4 of his cage [with cage door open] into the bathroom [with bathroom window … Continue reading

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