Etiquette When Hitching A Ride

Brad and I had a supermarket date to buy stuff for our Pansol trip this coming Monday. Although it was his idea for us to take his car (because he wanted to check the gauge tires at the nearest gas station), when it was time to pay for parking, I immediately pulled out a P20 (parking is very cheap at Cash & Carry!) for which he thanked me. I told him for me and my closest friends (Bestfriend C, in particular), it’s automatic.

Unfortunately not everyone knows about this unspoken etiquette, it seems. So here it is…

When hitching a ride to a nearby place, like a brunch or dinner, game or concert, there is no need to offer paying for gas. But if there is parking or any toll fees involved, you (the one hitching) should pay for that. Please don’t wait for the owner of the car to ask;

When hitching a ride to a far-off place, like an overnight or out of town trip, gas, parking, and/or toll fees should be divided equally. If there are a lot of you (like more than 4 or 5), the owner of the car sometimes isn’t even counted since their contribution is the use of their car.

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