Allergic Rhinitis

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe through my nose because, now, I actually can!

I’ve had Allergic Rhinitis ever since I can remember -something which was confirmed only last March. Since then I’ve undergone an Obstructive Sleep Apnea test (which was supposed to cost 30K but only cost 20K) only to find out that I don’t have OSA. Or at least, not yet.

I finally went back to Dr. Michael Sarte, the Sleep Disorder Specialist, today. I already knew that he was going to recommend a procedure called Radio Frequency Turbinoplasty. What I didn’t know until after the procedure was that it was going to cost 40K! Thank gawd I had my checkbook with me!

I will see him again after I get back from Singapore. In the meantime, I need to remember to take my four post-procedure medicines (2 oral, 2 nasal) and breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. Oh, and I actually have to learn how to blow my nose -something I’ve never done in my life (believe it or not).

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6 Responses to Allergic Rhinitis

  1. Sher says:

    Hi Karin,

    How have you been since your Radiofrequency turbinoplasty procedure? I’m suffering from nasal turbinate enlargement and considering this procedure after all my conservative treatments. But I’m really afraid. Hearing from someone who underwent the same treatment would be of great help.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    With thanks,


  2. Sher says:

    Appreciate your response.

    If it wouldn’t take up much of your time, could you let me know if you experienced any breathing difficulty or nasal crusting/dryness after the procedure?

    Thanks a lot!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!:-)

    • No but I feel the Allergic Rhinitis is back (maybe it doesn’t heal completely?) so I will go for a consultation soon.

      • mae211986 says:

        Sorry for the double post

        Sad to hear that your allergic rhinitis is back😦 Haven’t been experiencing rhinitis symptom like runny nose however my nasal turbinates became permanently enlarged causing nasal obstruction/breathing difficulty. The insides of my nose are actually dry. That’s why my doctor and I are actually in doubt if my rhinitis is allergic in nature.

        Got a friend who’s been suffering with allergic rhinitis like yours. Conservative medical approaches like steroid nasal spray as well as oral steroid pills no longer work for him (they just masked the symptoms for a while). When he started taking supplements though his symptoms greatly abated.

  3. mae211986 says:

    Hi Karin,

    Could you kindly let me know if you experienced any breathing difficulties or nasal dryness/crusting after the procedure?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


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