Corneal Ulcer

Ever since Jal sent me the first few photos he took of Jorge (then called Cholo) at the Taguibao residence in Pacita, I already noticed that his right eye always had muta (discharge). He was only about three months old then. The conditioned worsened through the years. I was finally able to bring Jorge to a [human] eye doctor this week. He is now four.

Jorge has Corneal Ulcer on both eyes, the right eye (where I noticed the muta years back) being in worse condition. Reading up on it just now, it’s a “common” condition but could lead to blindness (the last thing I want is another blind dog!) yet curable. The doctor prescribed four [expensive] medicines with very complicated dosages. One of the eye drops even has to be administer every two hours for the first three days!

Administering eye drops or ointments on dogs is a tricky thing. You have to catch them at the right mood. For PeeWee the best time is after a bath (but it’s not like I can bathe him twice a day every day -which is how often he needs his eye ointment). In Jorge’s case, the best time -which can also be the worst time- is early in the morning when he is half asleep. Sometimes he doesn’t realize what’s happening so he allows it. Other times, since he is always grumpy when he is sleepy, I get snarled at.

We go back for a follow up consultation in two weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed until then.

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