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Allergic Rhinitis

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe through my nose because, now, I actually can! I’ve had Allergic Rhinitis ever since I can remember -something which was confirmed only last March. Since then I’ve undergone an Obstructive Sleep Apnea test (which was … Continue reading

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Crate Training

Crate-training is necessary if you a) intend to transport your dog via vehicle or aircraft; b) ever need to leave your dog at home, unsupervised -among other reasons. From Day 1 I knew the first thing I needed to teach my … Continue reading

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Corneal Ulcer

Ever since Jal sent me the first few photos he took of Jorge (then called Cholo) at the Taguibao residence in Pacita, I already noticed that his right eye always had muta (discharge). He was only about three months old then. The … Continue reading

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Dog-full Week

What a dog-full week this has been! Tuesday – introduced Popsi to Better Dog; Wednesday – trained Popsi for 4 hours + Jorge for 1 hour; Thursday – trained Popsi for 2 hours + Jorge for 1 hour; Friday – … Continue reading

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Meet My New Partner In Crime

Love Jorge with all my heart and soul as I do, it frustrates me to run with him come competition time -especially in Agility. He performs, albeit still inconsistently, within the confines of Better Dog‘s activity area. But once he is … Continue reading

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