I flew to Boracay via Cebu Pacific, leaving my car parked at NAIA Terminal 3, but flew back to Manila via Zest Air. That meant I had to make my way from the Old Domestic (now strangely referred to as “Terminal 4”), where Zest Air lands, back to Terminal 3, to retrieve my car. I could have waited for the free shuttle (between all four airports), but only God knows how long that would have taken. Instead, I took a cab from terminal to terminal.

Finally reunited with Charlie, I made my way out of Terminal 3, inevitably passing the roundabout between the airport and the Resorts World complex across the road. At the roundabout (location: Violet pin) I saw two male foreigners, holding hands, walking. I wondered what they were doing walking in a clearly non-pedestrian thoroughfare. I pulled over, rolled down my window, and asked them where they were headed. “Resorts World,” one said hesitantly. I offered them a ride. More hesitation.

They finally hopped in. Both of them sat at the back row -which was fine since my passenger seat had my handbag and the backpack I traveled with. From my rear view mirror I noticed that they looked so much alike, like brothers or fraternal twins. But the holding hands I chanced upon earlier and the way both were clearly effeminate gave me an idea that they could have been gay bestfriends or lovers. Not that it really mattered.

I asked them where they were from. “Russia,” one said.  To break the ice, I mentioned that I just arrived from Boracay -not knowing if they even knew what or where Boracay is. Apparently they, too, had just arrived from Boracay. Then I gathered that they stayed in Manila for three days, Boracay for five days, and their flight back to Russia wasn’t until a few hours so they intended to kill time at Resorts World. Good idea, I thought.

When I dropped them off at the driveway of the mall, I bid them farewell and a safe flight back to Russia. Before getting off, I love how they oh so politely asked me if they should give me something for the ride, to which I answered a slightly exaggerated “Oh no!”

First Matthew from California, then the French man holding a map near Metrowalk, then these Russians…Helping out these foreigners, albeit strangers, is something I am starting to enjoy😉

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