A “9”

I was suffering from severe back pain last Monday. So severe that I thought of rushing to the E.R. after leaving the restau that night but opted for a massage -that I cut short because the pain was unbearable- instead. I endured it until Wednesday since that’s when I was scheduled to be admitted at The Medical City for an overdue Executive Check-up (my first and last one was in late 2008).

The nurses and doctors at the Wellness Center of The Medical City, apparently, are not very used to patients who are in actual pain since people who sign up there are usually those who go for general check-ups. In short, they didn’t quite know what to do with me. Every time the attack came, I would grunt. Each nurse or doctor that witnessed it, without fail, then asked me “From 1 to 10, how bad is the pain?”.

As soon as I got back home from the overnight at the hospital, I unconsciously chose Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 from among the countless DVDs I had to catch up on (it’s been yeeears since I last watched the series; I wasn’t even sure where I’d left off). On the show, the doctors asked the patients the very same “From 1 to 10…” question several times. But what struck me was when Meredith Grey’s shrink asked her that question -obviously not pertaining to physical pain.

Then I asked myself the very same question…

“9.” That’s my answer. From 1 to 10, my lost, painful, hollow everyday feeling is a 9.

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