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You don’t know how, for yeeears, I prayed long and hard for you to love me. “Even for just a day,” I begged God repeatedly. Recently you told me that you did, at one point, albeit ever-so-briefly. Now that I know your … Continue reading

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One Day

One day, if you ask me when, I will say… It wasn’t when you canceled our date only for me to catch you with your ex-girlfriend at our favorite restaurant; It wasn’t when you made me share the seat on … Continue reading

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A review: The Old Spaghetti House

Even I find it hard to believe I’d never been to The Old Spaghetti House until tonight. (Or maybe I have, but I just don’t remember?) As usual, I availed of a voucher and, as usual, if it weren’t for this … Continue reading

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A review: Gayuma ni Maria

I’ve been to a Gayuma restaurant before, yeeears ago. That one was on Esteban Abada (street parallel to Katipunan Avenue, across Ateneo). And the reason I remember it well is because that’s where the Campers (my high school friends) and … Continue reading

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A Review: Vigen

This is one of the first vouchers I ever bought. I’ve had Ear Candling done before, quite some time ago actually, and felt it was time for another one. It was only after purchasing this deal that I thought of … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

Often, I ask myself how I reconcile the fact that the love of my life is far from perfect. Each time, the answer I come up with is “unconditional love”. Still walking that fine line (after all these years)…

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