Two Phones

I am back to using two phones, at least for now.

Ever since Jorge chewed on my HTC Desire Z’s original battery, it lasts only 20 minutes at full charge. I have 2 replacement batteries which I ordered from Hong Kong, via eBay (actually I had 3, Jorge split one in half the very day it arrived in the mail) but each one lasts only about 4 hours given the amount of activity on my phone. That’s one major disadvantage of using just one device for cellphone calls, mobile landline calls, and data.

With a great amount of hesitation, I’m ditching my almost-perfect Desire Z until HTC comes up with better battery life/energy consumption measures on their mobile phones (I was reading a review on the HTC Evo Shift 4g earlier today, same issues). Beginning today, my ol’ reliable Palm Treo 680 will house my Globe SIM for cellphone and mobile landline calls while my ol’ reliable BlackBerry 8520 will house my Smart SIM for data. This way my Smart line won’t be as neglected as it’s been ever since the Desire Z came along.

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