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Till There Were Two

I somehow miss those days when I could go off, leave PeeWee home alone, and not have to worry at all. The trick was to shove about 1/4 of his cage [with cage door open] into the bathroom [with bathroom window … Continue reading

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The Biker In Me

Mom bought BMX bikes for me and Rosanne when we were [maybe about] 9 and 10 years old. Mine was Blue (my favorite color then) and actually had “BMX” printed on the seat; Rosanne’s was Red (her favorite color till … Continue reading

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Thank You Citibank!

For well over a year now, Citibank has been giving out “free movie passes”. Php 1,500 charge slip = Php 100 off; You just pay the difference (or surrender another charge slip). Because of this I’ve watched even some movies … Continue reading

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The Switch to Globe

Why did I switch to Globe? [Again, because] Smart pissed the hell out of me. But even if they didn’t, I think I would have switched to Globe sooner or later. Why? Super Duo: unlimited calls to all Globe/Touch Mobile … Continue reading

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When I was younger I noticed that Mom always put “Businesswoman” as her “profession” (usually in forms like Immigration forms etc.). When I got older I found myself doing the same thing. To me, it was simpler than putting “Alalay … Continue reading

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HTC Sense

I really can’t get enough of my HTC Desire Z, mostly because of HTC Sense. So, today, I’m gonna talk about HTC Sense. If I am not mistaken, most of HTC’s Android phones are HTC Sense-capable. But it seems that, for … Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Struck

struck –verb 1. past tense and a past participle of “strike“. “When the clock struck twelve…” vs. “At the stroke of midnight.” …MAGKAIBA YUN, dumbass!

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Better Dog

Late last year I commissioned one of those home service dog trainers to train Jorge (see video). It worked for Jacques (my former Bichon Frise) and PeeWee but it didn’t work for Jorge😦 Last May I enrolled him in Family Dog 1 … Continue reading

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Fab at 40

“Fab at 40” is my new goal, 3 years in the making. It is not necessarily to aesthetically look totally fabulous at 40; My goal is to be living “THE life” by the time I’m 40 (which is in 3 … Continue reading

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Wifi Portable Hotspot

I finally figured out how to use my Smartphone + unlimited data subscription to connect other computers to the internet (a.k.a. Tethering). I now have my own little hotspot thanks to an app on my HTC Desire Z called Wifi (Portable) Hotspot. … Continue reading

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