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Let the Games Begin

2009 promises to be…interesting. I need to juggle going back to the gym (hopefully even Yoga class since there’s one in the Scout area so I really should have no excuse), my Alfredo’s kitchen-slash-menu sked which is a program that … Continue reading

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Twilight quiz

I took a “Which Twilight character are you?” quiz online and this is what I got: You are Bella. You can be very clumsy and unpredictable. You also have a thing for vampires but don’t let your parents know. You … Continue reading

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The Notebook

Dear Adjeng, In my state of utmost depression earlier this evening, I bought a quite pricey (even if it was 70% off already) stone fountain for C as a christmas-cum-housewarming present. Actually, I bought one for myself too. I figured, … Continue reading

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DL Renewal

So the “long of it” is that last Friday night, on my way from Glorietta (in an attempt to christmas-shop without a christmas list; read: stupid!) to the Fort (for a Julianne gig), a commuter bus cut me off. In … Continue reading

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I <3 Pedicab!

Who wants to play “Spot my condo in Pedicab’s latest music video and win a prize!”??? hihihi… …brrrr

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…as everything should be :)

Today was special. I didn’t have as much “fun” as I’ve had these past three days (Monday: Julianne’s gig @ Podium; Tuesday: kitchen shopping with Chef Mel + Saguijo with the usual peeps; Wednesday: movie in Galleria + Sandwich’s gig … Continue reading

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I watched Dumplings…a Chinese movie (with subtitles) set in Hong Kong. As usual, I had no idea (as in, this time, none whatsoever!) what the movie was about. Catching a movie today was just an activity “D Jami” and I … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas

That is probably old packaging, but you get the picture. Why? Because my derma said so. p.s. (I don’t mean to be demanding but…) anything but the exfoliating variant, please. That would kinda defeat the whole purpose (which is, to … Continue reading

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Back in the Game

Since I joined this rat race some 13 years ago, one of my dreams -which is to live in some foreign land like Spain or New York City- was always put on hold because I could never leave my artists … Continue reading

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“When you could live forever, what do you live for?” The answer: Love, of course. Just like Nights in Rodanthe (scroll down if you’re interested to read previous blog entry) and other movies with their novel counterparts (maybe 80% of … Continue reading

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