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Girls and Apple Trees

I stumbled upon this last April. I remember how it really made my day. Since then sooo many disheartening things have happened (again). I’m glad that I found this again today (apparently, I posted the link in my Multiply account…gawd … Continue reading

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Cebu Specific

I could really kill Cebu Pacific. First they came up with 1-Peso fares which sparked one of my sisters (the most kuripot member of our family and the one I haven’t spoken to since 2000 because of a really lame … Continue reading

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…and the winner goes to…

I didn’t get to attend the NU Rock Awards this year. Yesterday was mom’s 70th birthday but the celebration was held tonight. At Teatrino. Yes, Teatrino. For mom’s birthday. Go figure. Luckily, the usual group re-grouped at Mogwai after the … Continue reading

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This ENTIRE SET is dedicated to Karin

It’s been a while (understatement) since I last went on tour with a band. I thought last night was just gonna be spent at home (after a facial and a quick Automatic Center walkthough, both of which are two tumblings … Continue reading

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Did you know that… Apparently the now-closed Boracay branch of Ratsky’s (the bar chain owned by Randy Santiago) was fondly referred to as “Boratsky”. The also now-closed Malate branch was called “Malatsky”. And the only existing branch on Morato is … Continue reading

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