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Like Clockwork

Day 3 (August 4, 2012) Age: 8 weeks + 4 days Potty training Milan is easier than I thought. Like clockwork: She wakes up (she makes this known by instantly whining); I place her in the Potty Box (for about … Continue reading

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Women Are From Venus

Oh dear…how true.

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Allergic Rhinitis

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe through my nose because, now, I actually can! I’ve had Allergic Rhinitis ever since I can remember -something which was confirmed only last March. Since then I’ve undergone an Obstructive Sleep Apnea test (which was … Continue reading

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Crate Training

Crate-training is necessary if you a) intend to transport your dog via vehicle or aircraft; b) ever need to leave your dog at home, unsupervised -among other reasons. From Day 1 I knew the first thing I needed to teach my … Continue reading

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U.S. Visa Renewal 2012

After missing my first two appointments, I finally made it to my third [and last chance before I would have to re-apply online and pay the $160 visa renewal fee all over again]. I qualified for the new Visa Reissuance … Continue reading

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A Tourist With A Map

Making a left from Julia Vargas to Meralco Avenue (towards Metrowalk), I saw a man standing on the triangular island, holding a map. I rolled down my window and called out to him, and asked if he needed help. He … Continue reading

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HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire Z, Samsung 551, Alcatel OT-980, Wildfire, Alcatel OT-980, HTC Desire Z, Samsung Y Pro… These are the Android phones I’ve had since I made a leap of faith last 2010. Somewhere in between I acquired an iPhone … Continue reading

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Credit Card Fraud

Citibank sent me an SMS tonight informing me of unusual activity on one of my [two Citibank] credit cards -the one I rarely use, but did use a few times during my recent trip to the States. As a result, … Continue reading

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Adjustment Time

So far I haven’t had the urge to cross the street on the pedestrian lane, unlike last year. Perhaps that’s ’cause last year, I went to LA, Chicago, New York, then back to LA whereas this year, my trip to … Continue reading

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U.S. Visa

I just found out that my U.S. Visa expires on the date I leave the States to head back home. I thought that would be a problem (that I’d have to rush a renewal ASAP) but apparently the expiration date on … Continue reading

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